do tampons hurt after childbirth

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Does anyone else have the problem of tampons …- do tampons hurt after childbirth ,Jan 29, 2019·Tampons uncomfortable now after giving birth. I had my first child 4 1/2 years ago and I noticed every period afterwards I could only use tampons the first and 2nd days of my period. I just had my 2nd child 7 months ago and now trying to use tampons during my period and I …Tampond falling out, stress incontinence after childbirth ...My daughter is 12 and son is 8months - after I had my son I can't wear Tampons at all - the fall right out so I am left having to wear the wonder pads - my af are so heavy any way that I soak even the super big tampons - my boss told me that she puts two in - i am not sure if that is good or not but i would not do it - got love those pads

Here's The Deal With Using Tampons After You've ... - Romper

Aug 16, 2017·Another reason why you can't use a tampon until six weeks after you give birth is because your womb is at a risk for infection until it fully heals, according to …

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Why Does It Hurt To Use Tampons Postpartum? It's Just One ...

Aug 09, 2017·Most women need a break from tampons right after childbirth because, well, they just pushed a baby out of their vagina. But even after enough time has passed, you may find it still hurts.

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