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FLEX Vs Tampons? | Jackie Aina - YouTube- flex cup vs tampons vs ,Mar 28, 2017·Get a Flex free trial here: https://flexfits/pages/trial#AdHi babes! I tried the FLEX Menstrual Disc and partnered with them to talk about the difference...Softdisc vs Flex: Which Menstrual Disc To Choose? - ReviewsJan 23, 2020·Softdisc vs Flex – let us see who is the winner. Read our reviews below and decide which one to choose. What is a menstrual disc? A menstrual disc can be defined as a shallow cup like device that collects the blood and mucus during your period flow, …

Flex vs. Diva Cup: A Complete Comparison and Guide to ...

The upside to using a Flex vs. Diva Cup? Flex Menstrual Discs are disposable and hold about 3 tampons-worth of menstrual blood, so you can leave it in for a good chunk of the day. They are not linked to Toxic Shock Syndrome , which makes them a safer alternative to tampons.

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Menstrual cups versus tampons - Mayo Clinic Health System

Nov 18, 2021·From the best period underwear and reusable sanitary pads to organic tampons and reusable tampon applicators, there’s a whole line-up of environmentally friendly products to choose from. Then you've got menstrual cups vs menstrual discs—two menstrual care products that could easily be mistaken for one.

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Diva Cup vs. Flex - Menstrual Cup Comparison! Who is the ...

Jun 15, 2020·The Flex Cup currently costs $32.99, while the Diva Cup costs between $34.99 and $39.99. Both Cups can be found online and in certain stores spread across the world. In fact, the Diva Cup is available in over 22 countries. The Flex Cup is available at Target, CVS, and H-E-B stores in the United States, as well as online. Review Videos

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Menstrual discs vs. menstrual cups ... - The Flex Company

Menstrual cup insertion vs. menstrual disc insertion . In order to insert a menstrual disc, you pinch it in half (so that it’s about the same size as a tampon), insert it into the vagina with two clean fingers, and then use a single finger to push it down and back into the vaginal fornix.Once it’s as far back as possible, you use that same finger to position the front-facing side of the ...

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Pads vs. tampons vs. menstrual discs... oh my! | The ...

Choosing between tampons, pads, and menstrual discs. You know that there are plenty of products available to contain your monthly flow — but more options don’t equal happiness (if anything, it sometimes means the opposite). With so many options and your day-to-day well-being at stake, it’s important to understand why you would choose each menstrual product.

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Tampax Cup ® Menstrual Cup Full Review | Winner or Loser?

Sep 07, 2020·Rim – The diameter of the heavy flow rim is 55 mm. Whereas the average large cup diameter is closer to the low or mid-’40s. This unique feature is supposed to keep the cup from moving upward during use. The Tampax Heavy Flow Cup has one of …

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Flex Cup vs. other menstrual cups: Benefits & features | …

Then, wash your hands and Flex Cup for 20 seconds using warm water and a mild soap (such as Flex Foaming Cup Wash!) Rethread the pull-tab into the clean cup. You may also want to do a deep clean periodically. To do that, unthread the pull-tab, rinse the cup, …

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