cardboard applicator tampons hurt men

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My thoughts about cardboard applicator tampons ...- cardboard applicator tampons hurt men ,Same, OB all the way. They're comfortable and fit in a pocket or purse so easily! 3. level 2. sexxit--throwaway. · 7y. I love the non applicator ones also. The first tampons I tried to use had cardboard applicators because that is what my family had in the house and I …Amazon: Tampax Cardboard Tampons, Regular …Featuring a unique LeakGuard skirt, Tampax Regular Cardboard Tampons offer backup protection to help stop leaks before they happen. Their FormFit design also gently expands to fit your unique shape, so you can feel comfortable and confident during your period. And Tampax Cardboard Tampons have an Anti-Slip Grip applicator for easy insertion.

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Though I'd suggest a cup over tampons. 5. level 1. americsoul. 3 years ago. I personally think they hurt a lot but ymmv. I feel like they're easier to get in with the applicator because you can easily push it far up but the cardboard catches on my skin and it's uncomfortable for me. 2.

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Do tampons with a cardboard applicator feel like they are ...

Answer: If you are inexperienced the cardboard applicator may feel uncomfortable. You could put a bit of lubricant on the applicator and push it in past the muscle of the vaginal opening before slipping the applicator out. Once the tampon is in place, it should not be felt at all. You could use ...

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Tampon Applicators Explained - Cardboard vs. Plastic vs ...

The cardboard tampon applicator is one of the first applicators to be invented and is an applicator that is made out of cardboard that helps you insert your tampon. At Blume, we offer cardboard applicators that are rounded for easier insertion and are 100% biodegradable, non threatening to your body and the planet.

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