how do you dispose of tampons in public stores

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What is the Proper Way to Dispose of Tampons and Zero ...- how do you dispose of tampons in public stores ,Especially in public bathrooms, where it often happens that trash bins are missing liners. It may seem that the best and easiest way is to flush, for both ladies and the people who clean public bathrooms, but considering how many problems it causes, this might not be the best way to dispose of tampons. The most obvious problem is the plumbing ...4 Ways to Dispose of Tampons - wikiHowThe comments were about how disgusting the tampon situation is in a certain building. That its nasty people are putting used tampons in the bin. The bin is for tampon wrappers, and tampons go in the trash outside the stall, or down the toilet. I have no clue what they were on about but I'm glad to see I have not been doing this wrong my whole life.

How do I dispose of a tampon after I have used it? | U by ...

For discretion, you can wrap the tampon in toilet paper or a facial tissue and then toss. You can also buy small bags made for wrapping tampons or pads in before disposal. Many public restrooms have small metal receptacles hanging on the wall of the stall that you can use rather than carrying your deposit through the bathroom.

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