how to dispose of tampons while camping near me

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Safe Ways to Dispose of Used Tampons | MBBCH Health ...- how to dispose of tampons while camping near me ,Dec 20, 2019·The best method of tampon disposal is to wrap it in a facial tissue or a toilet paper and toss it into the waste bin. Some menstrual products are also sold with small disposal bags. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) advises that tampons and other used menstrual products should be dumped into lined waste bins so that the ...4 Ways to Dispose of Tampons - wikiHowHow to Dispose of Tampons and Pads while Camping. Please don’t be an inconsiderate camper and throw away pads or tampons where you shouldn’t! I know it is gross to carry around a baggie of used tampons or pads, but it is necessary. They take a very long time to decompose – even the “biodegradable” kind. ...

Ladies, how do you get rid of tampons while camping ...

Pack in, pack out. That's the rule. Put your used tampons in a ziplock bag, maybe within another ziplock bag, and put it in with your food locker so it doesn't attract bears. Camping on your period suuuucks but that's how it is. 69. level 2. nefariousmango.

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Oct 17, 2017·Clean bag: For your main bag, start with an opaque, ultralight 4-liter to 8-liter roll-top stuff sack or dry bag. Then, add the following: Quart-size zip-top bags (about a half dozen if you’re using tampons/pads). A couple will hold your clean tampons/pads and the rest will go into your waste bag to hold the used items.

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